Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence



Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence - Book Cover



• Explains how the Greys are bio-machines, synthetic beings sent out to gather information about human souls and natural consciousness

• Shows how our consciousness has been hacked by the Greys to filter our perceptions to be in line with their agenda to steal our souls?

• Reveals how you can protect your soul field and your consciousness from the Greys’ terrible manipulations

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"Whether you believe Grey aliens exist or not, or don't really care, you'd better sit up and take notice of what Nigel Kerner has to say in his astonishing thesis. Kerner has a keen intellect and well-honed research skills."

Louis Proud (Nexus Magazine)

“As Earth’s human technologies in the twenty-first century move rapidly to dependence on robotic artificial intelligence, Nigel Kerner warns that Grey nonhumans that interact with our planet are actually cloned artificial intelligence that want our organic human souls. Will organic versus inorganic intelligence be the cosmic battle of 2100?”

Linda Moulton Howe, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning investigative TV journalist, reporter and editor

"While I certainly do not agree with all of Kerner's conclusions, I found his book a delight to read. Kerner has written a stimulating intellectual adventure with a powerful spiritual message for humankind."

Ruth Parnell (New Dawn Magazine)